Client Work



Client work

Digital Marketing agency

At Stemmetrics, we don’t believe in ‘one-size-fits-all’ marketing. We address each of our clients needs with a unique approach. We tailor our business around identifying the most effective, cost-efficient marketing strategy. Additionally, we will provide you with our leading comprehensive, à la carte services and month-to-month contracts to suit your every need.


Creating the branding for Stemmetrics really had to start with the mission statement and why the company even started. What was the core of the company? From there I researched other brand identities and formed a logo and branding guide. Implementing and constantly ensuring consistency is a big part of running Stemmetrics.

website design & Development

From concept to a fully functioning website. I created the organization, user experience, working within WordPress to create the end result. is completely responsive and works with all browsers. While designing, I kept in mind the blog aspect, I also made sure to incorporate some essentials on the back end, such as Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, and so on.

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