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Duke Energy

Since June 2021, I have been working as a UX UI Designer on the DXT team at Duke Energy. My main project has been focused on the Renewables sector with an application focused on calculating solutions for our clients to achieve their goal of reducing their Carbon Emission footprint. My role on the team has been UX UI Designer and some of my tasks include prototyping concepts, collaborating hand in hand with the front-end & back-end development team, as well as working with the product owner to ensure all business needs are met. 

Problem Solved


I've conceptualized campaigns from start to finish, thinking about the end-users in mind and the best way to deliver information.

User Experience


At Duke Energy, I've been able to design experiences for products that will be used by our customers.



I've worked with various roles, other UX UI designers, product owners, developers, SCRUM master, just to name a few.

Residential Carbon tool

The Residential Carbon tool is an initiative for our Duke customers to learn about their carbon footprint, how their usage plays a role, and how to lower their carbon footprint. My primary role in this project was to help conceptualize the project, create initial designs, work with the UX research team, and create iterations of the design as needed. I worked hand-in-hand with the developers and the product owner to create the MVP product.

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