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Know Me.

Art and design have been my passion since very early on in life, I’ve always had my hands on some type of art form. In high school I started developing my skills and interest in design, I was primarily focused on photography. Throughout the years, I’ve studied new design trends, and always willing and eager to learn new skills.

Practice Makes better

Experienced UX/UI Designer.

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Before getting into Graphic Design, I worked as a professional photographer, freelance as well as in a portrait studio. That experience has taught me depth on visual design, I believe photography is such a vital element in any design. 

Work Experience.

With over 5 years of experience working in a variety of different industries from Retail outdoor furniture, to Emergency Medical Billing, to Health insurance, to Arts Magazine I am confident I can create good experience for any industry.


I attended Florida State College at Jacksonville to receive my Associate in Science in Digitial Media/Multimedia and Technology as well as my Technical Certificate of Graphic Design and Digital Media.

Knowledge is Everything

My Skills.


web design

Combining my love for art and technology has led me to enjoy creating websites for local brands. I’ve taken multiple online courses to sharpen this craft. 


User Experience

With over 5 years of design experience, the previous 3 have been solely focused on  enhancing the experience of users, no matter client, employee, or customer.


Layout Design

I have published over 5 issues of Radx Magazine. A total of 630+ pages laid out by me. My previous positions also had me creating various newsletters and important employee communications.



I’ve assisted with a variety of small businesses to create an online presence. From setting up their Google profile to creating a strategy for their social media.

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Additional hobbies that I enjoy.


I’ve had an avid love for photography since adolescence. Before I started in graphic design, my first “real” job outside of previous restaurant experiences was at a photography studio. To this day I still utilize the skills I learned during my time as a photographer.


I love food, so much. I believe that what we put into our bodies is a direct correlation of how we feel, how our body functions, and how our mind grows. Food should be purposeful, and I love the process of creating something new or trying a new recipe that ignites the creative flow.


What it means to create, not just through design, but using my Cricut to create a custom merch piece or a keepsake item from concept to physical creation is one that I hold dear to me heart.


I have been a dancer for over 11 years of my life. Dancing has been an avid hobby of mine throughout my life, it’s been a way for me to express myself and relieve stress while also taking care of my health.